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Jim Clayton
League Coordinator
Little Colonels Basketball
COVID-19 Protocols

The Little Colonels Basketball League will follow COVID-19 recommendations from the KY Health Department, KCSD, and the KHSAA.

These guidelines include, but may not be limited to:

  1. Staggered start times to prevent overlap of games/practices.
  2. Weekly pre-screening questionnaire for players and fans.
  3. Temperature checks at gym doors.
  4. Reduced capacity, each player will only be allowed to have two fans. Social distancing in the stands will be enforced.
  5. Fans, referees, coaches, and game personnel will wear masks.
  6. Players will not have to wear masks while playing but will while on the sidelines.
  7. The health department guidelines for quarantine and positive tests will be followed.
  8. Frequent cleaning of the basketballs and facilities.

KY Healthy at Work Youth Sports Guidance

KHSAA Healthy at Sports

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