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Jim Clayton
League Coordinator
Little Colonels Basketball
COVID-19 Refund Policy

We understand, unlike in years past, there is potential for the league to get shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While we will do everything in our power to complete as much of the season as possible, there may be decisions made that are out of our control. When creating the refund policy, we had to take into consideration the costs incurred to set the league up (website management, credit card payment security, t-shirts, gym deposits, etc). In the event of a cancellation we will honor the refunds on the following schedule:

Before 1st Practice $105
Before 1st Game $100
After Week 1 $90
After Week 2 $80
After Week 3 $70
After Week 4 $60
After Week 5 $50
After Week 6 $40

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